How learning SAS can change your employment prospects

learning SAS

SAS at a glance

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. SAS is a piece of award-winning computer software elaborated by SAS Institute offering sophisticated analytics and analysis, data management, business intelligence, etc. The system collects, alters, and mines data from different sources to conduct a statistical analysis. It can work with an extensive range of file formats for both input and output. This analysis allows managers to get better insights into data and as a result, make an informed decision.

SAS software can also provide:

  • Data Entry
  • Retrieval and Management
  • Chart Building
  • Business Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Decision Support

The company can take advantages of having a wide variety of cross-functional analytical tools for practically every sphere including HR, Healthcare, Finance, and Data Analytics i.e. spheres involving manipulation with huge volumes of data.

The main SAS benefits:

  • Thorough data handling
  • Multivariate information treating
  • Charts drawing-up
  • Advanced analysis

And when it comes to analyzing data, SAS is the greatest software available on the current market, simplifying the process of data handling and boosting up your business.

Becoming a SAS programmer

Most of the today’s companies have realized that to become successful, they need to analyze data carefully. And it’s the main point, why the role of SAS software is growing. Since the demand for SAS is rising, there can be a shortage of specialists working with SAS on the labor market. And here you are making a clever move and start studying SAS programming. This will greatly increase your chances to find a well-paid job allowing you to choose an employer.

Taking into account the unemployment level that has recently grown, it seems that finding a job especially for graduates is a challenge. But if you have some of the most valuable skills, you can find a higly-paid job without any problems. Did you know that MONEY and conducted a research and found out that SAS Analytics skills are the most appreciated in the today’s job market?

Reasons to start learning the SAS language

  • SAS software is becoming more and more popular

The software has recently proved its importance being one of the most trusted tools for data analysis. It’s the first software combining leading data warehousing, analytics, and a traditional BI application.

  • High demand for skilled SAS programmers

SAS remains one of the major data analysis tools. It finds its application in various spheres, so there will always be a demand for people having the SAS language at their fingertips. And nearly every company need data handling to define its forthcoming areas of work.

  • Learning SAS language is fun

SAS is a 4th generation language. Since the software is script-based, it’s essential to know the basics and rules for writing in the SAS language. Learn how to create scripts the software is running on, and the first step is done.

How to learn SAS programming

Even if you don’t have any mathematical or statistical background knowledge, you will have no problems studying it. But it’s preferable to have some basic knowledge in programming, so that learning process will be shorter. Make the first step into a fascinating world of SAS.

Since SAS is quite a popular language for programming, there is a lot of learning material on the Internet. Moreover, quite a few handbooks are written that can come useful for you. A good theoretical base and continuous training are key elements of your path to success.

Learn first how to:

  • Work on the SAS platform
  • Code
  • Operate with a group analysis
  • Deal with data
  • Access risks
  • Work with linear regression

There are plenty of forums and websites dedicated to coding on the SAS platform where you can ask for a hint and find some valuable advice. Also, you can attend online courses, and some of them offer free tutorials.

Pay attention to the international learning platforms in Delhi, London, New York, Berlin and the main difference between them is the price. European courses have a higher price rate in comparison with Indian while the quality and reference material remain the same.

Take baby steps, don’t rush things

As soon as you’ve learned how to code on the SAS platform, it’s high time to get a certificate. Sit for a certification exam to assess your knowledge. Having learned the basics, go for learning advanced SAS programming to get insights into SAS macro processing and more highly developed programming techniques. An advanced certificate in SAS programming will add more value to your CV.

Use every opportunity to talk to SAS professionals to find out some useful tips. Meeting your colleagues is essential for your future career and personal growth. You can create a community where you will discuss all the innovations taking place in the world of SAS or some complicated issues.

So there are a lot of ways how to become a prospective SAS programmer, choose one and start changing your life right now. A new skill is always worth your time and money as it can bring you more prospects.

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