How To Find The Best Domain Name Aftermarket?

Whether you are going to purchase a premium domain name or sell an already existing domain, you need to find a reliable online platform for domain sellers and buyers.

This article saves you hours of browsing sketchy sites, introducing to the best marketplaces for selling and purchasing domain names for this year.

Top 3 Domain Auction Platforms

If you are new to the concept of domain auctions, there is a quick way for you to get the grasp of it.

Suppose, you want to start an online project. Before you get a website, you need to come up with a good domain name – not only it does a lot for your web project’s appeal, it also makes it easier for users to remember your online platform and recognize it among a wide range of other, similar web sources.

No doubt, it is quite a challenge. Millions of websites are created every day, reducing the chances of coming up with a truly unique name.

Another example: your website is no longer useful to you. You can leave it to float on the Internet or you can get some extra cash and help a fellow online businessman out by selling them an authority domain, which has already made a name for itself and has positions in Google TOP. It is a win-win scenario and domain auctions bring it to life.

Online auctions offer you the way to try and register a branded, and high-quality domain name, or purchase a premium domain, then sell it at a better price. You must have heard of Domain Flipping, which is a common method for webmasters and bloggers to make money online. This is why you are here: not to let a good domain name go to waste. Now, the only thing left to do is to find a place, where all good domains go.


GoDaddy Domain Auctions

This name has a special place in the hearts of webmasters and bloggers alike. Simple, yet competent attitude of analyzing and adapting the current market offers, over 63 million domain names database, trust of 14 millions clients – this is what brought this online auction web source worldwide recognition.

  • Pros

It is an experienced, reliable platform that sees billions of sale and purchase deals every day. Due to this, it is perfect for newcomers, who need to buy a domain for a personal use and professionals, who require a solid web source for expert domain purchase.

  • Cons

Huge size is both a blessing and a curse for GoDaddy users. It has the largest number of domain names available for bidding, but if you want to evaluate domains, ie check their domain age, Alexa Rank, history, traffic and relevance, you are in for a long, long search. However, the latest development made this ‘Cons’ part a mere formality. Currently, you can find a special extension for GoDaddy, called SkimDaddy, at Chrome Web Store and find a solution to all the GoDaddy problems that were bothering you before. Designed to make the domain search on a large web source like GoDaddy as flexible as it supposed to be, SkimDaddy boasts a huge set of filters that allow you to pick domains that meet your need with surgical precision. The extra features of the extension like auction end alerts and option to bookmark domains of interest are also a remarkably nice touch.

Flippa Entrepreneur's Marketplace

With more than 800,000 registered users and almost 30,000 domain sales, Flippa is considered the most popular site for selling apps, domains, and websites. This site is one portion of a large SitePoint category for web start-ups wherein it comprises 99designs, and ojsmcfp.

  • Pros

From the purchaser’s perspective, Flippa has a lot more attractive dealings, not to mention even with their domain listing compared with others. The buying experience, according to most of the buyers in this site is safe and straightforward. It is because of this reason that there are about 5000 new ventures that are listed for sale daily on this site.

  • Cons

While Flippa is a transparent web portal with a simple interface and flexible search system, it still may be tough for users without a deep Internet marketing knowledge. Therefore, if you are a newcomer, looking to buy a website from Flippa and turn it into a personal online project, you need to do a thorough research, before diving into the process of domain purchase.

Sedo Domain Auction

Ever since they have established and set themselves up online, they have more than 700,000 domain names for sale. Sedo is considered the leading platform for sellers and buyers of the world. Sedo is a short term that refers to Search Engine for Domain Offers, which has more than 18 million domains that are already disclosed, not to mention more than 2 million clients.

  • Pros

This is the biggest transacting base for domains termed by the people as “secondhand,” wherein it helps people obtain the most desirable domain that has already been taken. If you visit their website, it is like an online podium with all those extensive services designed for customers. They also have a promotion of domains and domain parking done by the expert members of their team.

  • Cons

Out of all three leading online auction platforms, Sedo has been acknowledged to charge the most per auction. Not all users find this satisfied. In addition, the search interface of the web source does not exactly match the volume of domains it offers, making the process of finding a necessary domain frustratingly long.

The winner is…?

There are more of these places, but the ones mentioned above are the best to sell and buy domain names to your liking. Is it possible to recommend you the most efficient online auction platform out of these three?

This is a tough question…at least it used to be before SkimDaddy appeared on the market.

This is a fact, known to all SEO experts: in the end, it all boils down to simplicity, usability and personal preferences. As the latter makes picking one platform over others the matter of your individual needs, GoDaddy clearly has an upper hand in the first two aspects by tackling the issues related to not-so-flexible domain search with the help of a simple, compact extension, packed with useful features.

How does SkimDaddy help GoDaddy?

As it was mentioned above, this small browser extension massively expands the ways of working with GoDaddy.

Now the GoDaddy page of users who have SkimDaddy installed to their browser looks like this:

GoDaddy powered by SkimDaddy

The extension adds a useful interactive bookmark to all pages of GoDaddy, giving all users a rundown on the domains, which are available for bidding right now.

  • Filters

The lack of search configuration options at GoDaddy used to annoy many its visitors. Say goodbye to these days of endless browsing and say hello to a plethora of filters that allow you to organize and adjust your search in a jiffy.

GoDaddy Basic Filters

Using these filters is super easy – you do not have to be a domain auction guru in order to find a domain for your future website. This is a large plus for those, who are only entering the world of domain bidding and need the very essence right here, right now.

As you can see, you can make every possible search criteria consider your individual domain name priorities: from Google positions to the number of symbols and digits in the URL.

  • Dynamics

More than often, the auction info provided for each GoDaddy domain was not enough. However, now it is more than enough. Installing the extension to your browser reveals the abundance of valid and precious data, that allows you to see the value of the domain from Google perspective in less than a minute.

The new, SkimDaddy improved page shows you the following:

Daily Google traffic data

Available in both chart and statistics, the page reveals you the most recent domain progress according to the one of the most influential search engines on the Internet.

Daily traffic from Google by SkimDaddy

Google TOP Data

Keywords on Google TOP by SkimDaddy

From Google TOP 1 to Google TOP 100 – you can see the accurate number of keywords that made it to every section of Google TOP for the last three months and how much of them have lost their rankings within this period, allowing clearer and easier understanding of domain dynamics.

  • Domain Profile

Domain bidding is a serious business and every bidder wants to be confident about acquiring a domain worth its money. The Domain Info tab at SkimDaddy grants you a closer insight into the workings of any domain available for auction.

Domain info

It displays:

  • Domain Alexa Rank
  • Domain Whois
  • Domain Similar Web data
  • Domain WebArchive page
  • Auction ending date
  • Price
  • Current number of bids

In addition to this solid bite of useful data, a full list of keywords used by the domain for ranking is applied, together with an option to tinker with sorting settings for easier and comprehensible analysis.

Ranking keywords by SkimDaddy

  • Playing favorites

If earlier you had to write down the name of domain you found on GoDaddy in order not to lose it in the wide and uncontrolled ocean of data, now you can rest assured that your hand-picked domain names will stick with you until the end. All domains in the main SkimDaddy list can be bookmarked as Favorites.

Adding to Favorites

After this, they will remain in your ‘Favorites’ tab, available to you at any time.

Favorites tab

  • Configurable alerts

As users mostly have other work to do aside from updating the domain page regularly and checking how much time they have left until the auction left, SkimDaddy takes it upon itself to notify you about the progress of the auction. Special push-messages will be sent to your email to inform you about the auction coming to its final phase. You can choose to be alerted in an hour or in five minutes before the end.


Solving Problems is the Key

Timely solution to long-term issues is a great step towards market domination. With the help of the browser extension, which was developed by a team of enthusiasts, GoDaddy auctions clearly stand out of the crowd and now have a potential to become a leader among similar web sources.

At the moment,SkimDaddy is available to everyone. It does not require a GoDaddy account and offers all users 14 free days of use. During this period, the users have full access to all extension assets. It allows them to go straight to finding deals immediately and start making bids without any delay.

When you are doing business on the Internet, efficiency and convenience are the main aspects you should use for guidance. SkimDaddy is a shining example of a product, based on understanding of these principles and the needs of prospective domain buyers, regardless of their goals and level of Internet marketing expertise.

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