Is It Possible To Learn SAS On Your Own?

Today being a self-taught expert is not a rarity. With the proper use of theory, which is nowadays available in great abundance on the Internet and proper, constant practice, grasping the knowledge and skills is not a challenge. Your success mainly depends on your self-discipline and persistence.

Can the same rule be applied to the programming languages and SAS in particular? Sure, you need a basic background in programming in order to be able to move to the next level, however, if you have that covered, all you need is a good theoretic base and training. Lots of training.

Where do I get study material?

SAS is one of the most widespread programming languages, so getting relevant SAS training materials is not a challenge. You can either use the omnipotent Internet or find necessary books and tutorials in online stores or Google the materials you need in the local stores. Also, if you want to test the waters, many online training SAS courses offer free tutorials to anyone, who wants to learn more about SAS.

Do not limit yourself with local search: go international, browsing online SAS training courses in Delhi, London, Prague. The international services always use English for teaching, so you will not have problems with translation. Even if the materials, offered by European or Indian courses require payment, the price is usually much lower, while the quality remains the same.

How do I practice?

Now, this step is more challenging. Few employees are willing to hire a SAS programmer-in training and it is reasonable. Practicing programming on the downloaded SAS software is not enough to test your level. So, what to do?

Online training courses

Pros: You get the practice you need. Tutors offer their students many practical tasks that they must accomplish in order. They use only the most relevant methods and at the end of the course you receive the certificate that confirms your skills and experience.

Cons: It takes time and funds. However, it is possible to find flexible and budget-friendly SAS training courses that will efficiently improve your skill set and won’t harm your schedule.


Pros: you practice your skills in real-life conditions, that require you to be more concentrated and focused. If your task is successful, you get paid for your efforts, which is a nice bonus.

Cons: Needless to say, this is the hard way. You have to meet the expectations of your customers, while your customers rely on your SAS skills. There is no place for mistakes. Therefore, if you think you can manage without training courses, do not be in a hurry. Take baby steps and accept simple tasks until you feel ready to move forward. This path is definitely not for everyone.

Is it worth it?

Acquiring a new skill is always worth your time and effort. The modern success is all about having a wide range of skills and competencies, so the more you know and can do, the more employers will be finding you an irreplaceable asset. The current digital era provides you with tons of opportunities to become a worker of the year. Explore them and profit.

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