Sons of Anarchy Drinking Game!

SOA is finally back next week! In anticipation for the new season starting Tuesday, Sep. 9, I’ve come up with a drinking game to make watching the madness unfold even more fun. So pour yourself a tall one, this is gonna get wild!

Drink Every Time:

…someone says “Jesus Christ”

Sons of Anarchy Jesus Christ

…a Son kills somebody

blog - soa gif4

…Jax talks about leaving the club

sons of anarchy jax and tara

…someone refers to a “Son” or “Old Lady” who has died (because there are SO MANY)

sons of anarchy opie

…someone lights a cigarette


…there’s a shot of a group of Sons riding down a highway

<a href=" read this post here.gif”>soa motorcycle gang ride

…a Son refers to someone as “Brother”

Sons of Anarchy Brothers

And lastly….Every time someone takes a drink of something alcoholic in the show, you drink with them!

soa beer

I’m pretty sure this list will give you plenty to drink for… You might need to stock up (and don’t start with the hard stuff!)

Can’t wait to see what happens in the final season!


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