20 Things My First One Bedroom Apartment Has Taught Me in the First Month


To preface, I lived away from my parents during my four years in college – 2 years in dorms, a year in an apartment, a semester abroad and then a random house with 5 strangers for the last semester – and moved back into my parents’ after.  Trying to find a roommate to move with was a nightmare, so I said screw it and started hunting for studios and one bedrooms… well I found the perfect one and it has taught me so much in just a quick 30 days…

1. Check that all the windows open before signing a leaseWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

2. Being without a dishwasher really is that bad

3. You kind of really should think about living room furniture before moving – but lawn chairs can double as living room chairs in the mean timeapartment lr

4. Unclogging the shower drain of someone else’s hair may be close to the worst thing. Ever.

5. A 13 gallon kitchen garbage is completely unnecessary when you live alone

6. Pets come in handy so you don’t start talking to yourself

7. Bright teal chalkboard paint does exist and really brightens up a room and gives you a place to doodle when you’re bored

8. It sounds like a good idea to make your apartment look all adult and mature and shit, but in the end, it is way too expensive and a Jim Beam flag is going to look just as good as a Picasso painting when my wallet is concerned

9. Cooking for one makes it more experimental – make all your mistakes now when no one else is there to witness.

10. No internet, no cable, no problem… until winter rolls around

11. Hookah is better entertainment than TV anyways

12. Glassware – don’t act like you’re going to ever have more than 4 people over at a time – no one will come

13. Letting go is a virtue – hello goodwill!

14.You can never have enough hooks – coats, hoodies, towels, jewelry, belts, scarves, keys …

15. A tool box is a necessity if you want to be an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Woman!

16. Going home to Mom and Dad’s to do laundry is, and forever will be, acceptable

17. What’s mail again? Oh yeah, BILLS

18. Craigslist – for everything!

19. Use power strips and save electricity

20. Just be naked


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