How to Create User Profiles in Chrome

Google loves to know everything about us. And they’ve made it easier to learn more about our interests and stages of life by keeping all our information and activities under the same account. In the Chrome browser, as soon as you log into your Gmail account, everything you do is tracked to that account. Because of this, you are unable to log into more than one Gmail account at once. Logging into a second one in another tab kicks you out of the first one. For most people, especially those with personal computers that no one else uses, this isn’t much of an issue. You only have one Gmail account and you’re the only one who uses your computer.

But if you have family members or roommates that share a computer and need to constantly log in and out of email accounts, this can be frustrating. Or, maybe you work for an agency, for example, like myself, and you always need to be logged into your own work Google account along with client accounts all day long.

Well I’m about to solve that problem for you! By creating “user profiles” you can stay logged into multiple Gmail accounts within the same browser simultaneously. No need to switch to any other browsers (they suck anyway) or frequently log in and out of accounts.


Go to your browser settings by clicking on the Options icon in the top right corner of your browser window. It looks like this:

chrome settings

Click on Settings.

Go down to the Users section and click on Add New User. Choose an icon if you’d like and give this user a name. Then hit create.

There will now be two active users – your default user and the user you just created.

Now, up in the top left corner of your browser, you should see an icon. Most likely something that looks like a blank head if you’re still in the default profile. If you click on that icon, you can easily open a new browser for the other profile.


Now each browser window is active with two separate profiles. Each profile can be logged into a different Gmail address.

Yay! That was easy – and is going to make life so much easier for you!

You’re welcome.

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