New Must-See TV Show: Carbonaro Effect

Just check out this show. It’s pretty crazy.

“One of the things I love about this show is how people are just willing to believe in the craziest of things. Even if I, like, break the laws of physics, people are willing to just go with it. As long as I believe in it too.” – Michael Carbonaro

Michael Carbonaro is a magician that stars in a new hidden camera TV show. It’s a twist on typical hidden camera TV shows where pranks are pulled to watch random people react. Instead, Michael uses magic in seemingly mundane situations to mess with people’s minds and make them believe in the unbelievable. Or essentially make them think they’re going crazy.

My favorite aspect is that Michael always has some story or reasoning as to why this seemingly impossible thing is possible. Or he just goes along with it as if it’s normal and doesn’t understand why the other people are freaking out so much. It just adds to the entertainment. I love watching people as the wheels just start spinning in their head as they process what just happened. But how is that possible….?

It’s pretty hard to explain without you being able to see exactly how it happens so watch a few clips to understand. These are some of my favorites:

That’s How They’re Mailing Them These Days

Dehydrating Mouse Traps

Missing Car Prize

Sneaky Penguin (Sorry for the low-quality video, it was all I could find)

Cosmic Loop – I love this guy’s reaction to this situation!

Airs Thursdays at 10pm/9c on Tru TV. Season finale is TOMORROW but I’m sure you can catch some reruns if you try. Or check out more online videos here.


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