Fun with the Bing Ads Login Process

Oh Bing… Why are consistently finding new ways to annoy the crap out of everyone?

Today I’m just referring to logging into Bing Ads.

That’s right: logging in. That’s all. You’d think this would be a fairly simple process: username + password = access. Not with Bing.

Ever since they changed their login process to require a Microsoft email address, it’s been a joke.

Question #1: Why are you even requiring a Microsoft email in the first place? A ploy to get more people to use your services I presume… Well that flopped because I haven’t even logged into these account emails since they were created.

Let’s go through the basic steps on a good day:

Go to, which has long been the login page:


Then since usernames don’t even work anymore, you have to click on the obscure “Signin with Microsoft account” link.

Question #2: Why do you have multiple options of HOW to sign in? This just confuses people. Trust me, there has been many a failed attempt on my part to sign in here in the “username” section with my “Microsoft account” until I finally realize my mistake (and I do this for a living).

Question #3: If you made us change to Microsoft email logins, why does this page even exist?

logging into Bing Ads


When on the correct page, I can sign in with my Microsoft email and password and all is good. Phew, it’s over. But assuming I did that all correctly, it still took me an extra step and unnecessary frustration to get to the right page before I could log in. For a company that strongly understands computers and the internet, you’d think somebody at Microsoft would get that this is nonsense.



OK, now let’s talk about what happens to me on a bad day….

I go to the login page where I’m supposed to sign-in with a Yahoo username and accidently sign in with my Microsoft email. And instead of telling me “Oops, you signed in with the wrong information, please go to this other page instead,” it makes me complete a captcha.

bing yahoo captcha

Question #4: WHY??? Don’t these protect against robots? What robot is trying to sign into Bing Ads?

After correctly completing the captcha, it tells me that it was an unsuccessful login which is when I realize my mistake and click on the link to the Microsoft email login page and what happens? I’m just sent right back to the page that I was just on – the Bing Ads username one. No, that’s not what I wanted! Another click and I’m sent directly back to the same page I’m on….

Question #5: Is this a joke?

Question #6: Does this make sense to anyone else?

Whenever this happens, I just get frustrated, throw my hands in the air and proclaim What the $@!#? I start the process all over by typing in the original URL to start at the beginning again and – you’ll never guess what happens.

The system automatically logs me into the last account that I was in.


After all those ridiculous log-in “security measures” you just automatically log me into an account? What if I were the “bad guy” you’re trying so hard to protect these accounts from?

Question #7: Who created this loop of nonsense? I want to punch them.

But I’m still not done! Let’s talk about switching users in Bing Ads Editor…

Step 1: Look at this nice simple pop-up. Go ahead and put your password in.

switch user in Bing Ads Editor

Step 2: Oh no! Not this again! Why the hell does that first pop-up even exist if we can’t log into it!?

Use your Microsoft account

Step 3: Sign in again.

Bing Ads Editor sign in

Step 4: Oh and of course don’t for about giving Bing Ads permission to access your account – every single time. Again I ask, WHY?? Of course, you can have access. The entire point of Bing Ads Editor is to make changes and access the account to upload them. Oh vey… I don’t even know what to do anymore…

Bing Ads access approval

Now, I know some of you might be thinking that I could have solved my problems by clicking on the little blue link in the first pop-up, or bookmarked the correct login page online in my first scenario, so it’s an easier process to get there and the sign-in will be quick and painless. But my response would be: that’s not the point!

I’m a search engine marketer. I do this all day every day and I’ve learned the tricks to sidestep problems. But the vast majority of Bing Ads users are people who don’t know all the ins and outs of paid search and the platforms used. They only log in every once in a while to check on things and could easily get stuck in these loops and give up. But there shouldn’t BE any tricks to login into your platform if you want more people using it.

The point is that Bing is trying to compete with the Google giant and Google’s login process takes all of 5 seconds – with no headaches. Paid search is how you make money. And yet you pain your customers every time they manage their paid search accounts – because it doesn’t even stop at the login. Oh, how much more I could say, but I’ll save that for another day…

Bing, you can’t even get the basics right. Come on.


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