Why I Love My Job

What are the aspects of a job that keep employees happy and increase retention? I’ve been at my current job for about 7 months now and have come up with a list of the biggest things that I love about it. Even though I’m still relatively new, these are things that I think improve the work environment, help with work/life balance and keep employees like me happier

Flexible Schedule – As long as I don’t miss any meetings and I get all my work done, the hours I work throughout the week are pretty flexible. I can come in early one day and come in a little later the next. It helps me balance my work responsibilities with those outside of work priligy tablets 60mg. If I need to run an errand in the morning, make a doctor’s appointment, or even take a long lunch break to get to the gym, I’m able to do those things without it hindering my work.

PLUS, over the summer we have half-day Fridays. If all your work is done, just leave at noon and have a good weekend!

Variety of Projects – Every day is different, every month is different. Client needs are always changing – even the clients that I work on change from time to time. That means that I’m never stagnant, never bored. I’m constantly bouncing from project to project. As soon as I get sick of one thing, it’s usually time to move on to the next anyway. I love keeping things fresh and new, so I like the ever-changing environment.

Attention from my Managers – I am able to get personal time with my managers on a regular basis to talk about anything that’s bothering me, any changes I want to implement, or to express my interests in future projects that I’d like to work on. It helps me to feel like I’m being heard and that my managers have a genuine interest in my happiness and growth. I think this has a major impact in employees feeling respected and cared about.

Work/Life Balance – Another thing my managers pay attention to is how many hours we’re working. They want to make sure we’re not being overworked and burning out. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about agencies that require employees to work 50-60, maybe even 70 hours a week to keep up with all the work and keep clients happy. Fortunately, my agency takes work-life balance into account and does what it can to make sure we’re not constantly overworked. Thank you!

Impact on the Organization – Because I work with so many clients directly, I have a personal responsibility to make sure they are getting what they need so they remain happy clients and stay with us longer. That feeling of having a direct impact on the success of my organization and that my efforts actually make a difference really pushes me to do my best. I don’t just go through the day checking projects off a list just to get them done. I take pride in what I do because I want my clients to be able to say that Zeon is the best agency they have ever worked with and has made an impact on their bottom line. That all starts with me.

SMART Goals – At the beginning of each year, we choose three personal goals that we want to accomplish by the end of the year. These SMART goals are chosen in a way that not only benefits the company as a whole, but more specifically makes me a more effective and well-rounded search marketer. I choose goals that I’m interested in pursuing and that help me grow in ways that I want to. I like that I can take time to focus on myself, developing my own skills and knowledge base in a way that I’m interested in.

Conferences – I’m able to attend one conference each year. This allows me to learn a lot more about my industry, as well as network with others in the industry. Plus it’s a nice break from the office setting every day.

Snacks – When I get to that moment mid-afternoon when I hit a wall and just need a soda or something to munch on to help me power through the rest of the day, there’s no need to scrounge around for spare change to use at a vending machine. Instead, I just hit up the snack cabinet and soda machine provided to keep me going.

Location – My office is located right in Third Ward, a really nice area of Milwaukee with great restaurants and close to where I live so it’s an easy commute.

The Best Part of Working at an Agency vs In-House

There are a million differences between working at an agency vs in-house (my previous job). I don’t want to go through them all, but I will talk about the #1 difference that I have experienced, which is the rate of learning. Working at an agency, you are surrounded by other people who do what you do, so you always have someone you can ask for advice or opinions on best practices. You also spend more time reading articles online to stay on top of industry trends because you pride yourself on being an expert. Because you work with so many different clients, you never know what piece of information will be useful in the future so you just read it all. I have become an exponentially better digital marketer since working here. I’ve also gained lots of experience outside of core PPC and SEO strategies. I’ve dabbled in social media marketing, content marketing – hell, I even have a blog now!

My Zeon team and our leadership have inspired me to become the best at what I do. I feel motivated every day.  As one of my managers always says “We’re in this boat together” and it’s true. We’re a team and we’re all working together to succeed. We all pull our own weight and want to see our hard work turn into success stories for our clients, and in turn our own company.

And that’s why I love my job!



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