MKE Brewing Company & Milwaukee Ale House Review


Milwaukee is home to many breweries and one of my favorites is the Milwaukee Brewing Company priligy tablets online. This brewery is located at 613 S. 2nd St in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. Tours are $10 and you are able to get unlimited samples of their wide selection of beers.

MKE Brewing Company

I will warn that this particular brewery seems to cater more towards everyone having a good time drinking than the actual learning about how beer is made part. So if you really want to learn the basics of how beer is made, I would probably not recommend going to this particular brewery tour on a Friday or Saturday evening. It’s crowded with locals who are usually just looking for a cheap pregame to their night. Since I’ve been on so many brewery tours in my life now, the actual tour itself is of less importance to me than it was in the past. I know the main ingredients of beer, I know what a mash tun is… yadda yadda. I really just go for the experience and the beer samples, and Milwaukee Brewing Company gets right down to it. But on the occasions that I’ve actually experienced the full tours, I’ve always had excellent tour guides with personality and good information.

Milwaukee Ale House

Milwaukee Ale House, located right on Water St in the Historic Third Ward, is the restaurant tied to the brewery (There’s also one in New Berlin). The restaurant offers all the MKE Brewing Company’s beers on tap. They also provide a full menu for meals. They have great happy hour drink and app specials, nice prices. Their bar area is quite large with plenty of TVs for sporting events and a stage for live music and entertainment.  The staff is friendly and accommodating. I’m a big fan of this restaurant – good food, good beer, good atmosphere. (Ohh I think that’s gonna be my new catch phrase!)

Milwaukee Ale House Patio Booyah Beer

Try the Booyah beer, it’s one of my favorites!



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