Refresh Your SEO Strategy for 2014

A new year is quickly approaching. Is it time for you to revisit your organic strategy? Here’s a quick checklist of things you should update to start your new year off right!

Check your metadata

How are your metadata titles? Are they clear about what’s on the page? Do they use popularly searched keywords? The content of your pages may have changed over the past few years. Make sure the title still depicts the most specific and accurate description of the page.

Look over your meta descriptions as well to see if there are any improvements you can make. Might any of them be too long? Are there better offers you can call out (free shipping threshold, lower prices etc)? Is anything outdated or no longer true? Does the description sound mundane or will it help grab the searcher’s attention and click?

Check H1 tags

Make sure H1 tags are in place and still contain the best keywords for the page – and that none of them are duplicated! Each page should have a unique H1 tag. If you have multiple H1s on each page, consider cleaning them up – especially if some of the H1s are irrelevant or duplicated.

Tip: A great resource for quickly checking your metadata and H1 tags is Screaming Frog. Once you download the program, it will crawl your site and pull back data for each page, which can be exported in Excel.

Check Webmaster Tools

Make sure all of your pages are working properly and that your site doesn’t have any crawlability errors. If you have any pages that result in 404 errors, get those redirects in place as soon as possible!

Also be sure to take a look at the number of pages Google has indexed. If this number is much higher or lower than the number of pages you believe to actually exist within your site, there could be a problem. Too many pages could indicate duplicated pages being indexed. Not enough pages could mean Google isn’t finding all the pages on your site, and therefore can’t rank them.

Start 2014 off right! Clean up your site’s content and make sure everything is in place to help your site rank. These simple steps can get you started in the right direction. Stay tuned to my next blog for a second phase of optimization.

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