Content Marketing Tips for Boring Industries

We’ve all heard that the best SEO strategies always have to do with creating quality content that’s interesting and interactive and that people will want to share. This might be easy for industries that have fun/unique products or things people love to shop for and talk about (Picture a girl who just purchased a dress online sharing the image on Facebook with the caption – OMG I love this dress! I’m gonna be so hot on New Year’s!)

But what if you sell something a little different….. HVAC systems? Asset tracking software? Insurance? People don’t usually get too hyped up on social media sites discussing customizable letterhead. What if your industry is just boring? How do you engage people and attract them to your site? Content, blog posts and press for these kinds of industries won’t likely go viral, so what can you do to improve your SEO strategy and stay ahead of the competition? What do you do to get “quality content that’s interesting and interactive and that people will want to share?”

I recently watched an excellent webinar by Moz entitled Content Marketing for Boring Industries which described many strategies to overcome this challenge so I wanted to share just a few of my favorite tips.


When it comes to social media, don’t always focus solely on bringing your followers to the site and getting them to convert. Sometimes it’s best to develop relationships with those people first and then work on sending them to your site once trust and interest has developed. Think about networking and developing relationships with people over time to build trust and loyalty and strengthen those relationships. People do business with people they like. Get them to like and respect you.

Action Items: Create and regularly update accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Create a blog. This is the best way to get new, fresh, interesting content on your site on a regular basis (if it gets Каталог updated of course). Stuck on what to write about since your industry is so boring? Here are a few suggestions:

Job-related content: Write about the positions within your company Day that are most difficult to fill. Talk about the perks your employees enjoy – like telecommuting, flexible hours, gym membership reimbursement – and how they benefit from them. Why are your employees so happy to be at your company?

Location-centric content: Talk about why you moved your business to your current city – was there anything particularly special about it? Talk about any local events you’re holding in the near future.

Success content: Write about all of your successes – problems you have overcome, goals you have achieved, etc. These stories can not only make your company look good but possibly inspire others to follow your lead.


Create content that answers popular consumer questions or common industry-related problems. When searchers go to search engines to find answers to these problems, your pages could rank with relevant information, thus earning you traffic and giving your company exposure. Home Depot does a great job of creating this type of content.


Once you create all this great new content, be sure to promote it and get it out there! By posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you can bring more attention to these pages and entice your customers/fans/followers to visit your site.


Always make Sertifikat sure your contact information is easily accessible throughout your website. In the event that anyone sees the interesting content you have shared and wants to publish information about your company or get in contact with you for any other reason, don’t make them jump through hoops to get to you. Make it as easy as possible.

I’ve worked with a few clients that are part of what could be considered boring industries but I haven’t yet had a chance to implement these kinds of strategies. Have any of them have worked for you? What other things have you tried and seen success with?

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